Make sure your Home is Ready to Sell

Don’t put that sign up until you’ve had a chance to take a good look around at what you’re selling.

Is there work to be done

Remember that you’re only going to get one chance to make a good first impression, so don’t blow it!

Go on a clean and repair mission starting with the outside of your home. Walk out to the curb and take a good look at the landscaping and exterior of the house. What do you see If you see dead plants, scattered toys, garbage cans, broken tree limbs, or anything else distracting, here’s what I suggest

“If it’s ugly, dead, distracting, out of place, or in any other way has a negative impact on the overall look or feel of your home, GET RID OF IT! If you can’t get rid of it, do your best to cover it up. If you can’t cover it up, do your best to divert attention from it by highlighting other areas.”

When you get to the interior, it’s clean and light (not dark), and roomy and spacious (not cluttered), that buyers want and expect to see. That means you should clean the house floor to ceiling. Paint rooms lighter colors if painting is needed. And very importantly, de-personalize and de-clutter.

Make your home look as roomy and spacious as it can look.

How One way is to gather up those cool little collections of antiques, knick knacks, stuffed animals, baskets, family photos, Disney characters, cookie tins, and so on, and … I hate to say this but … box it all up and put it away in the attic or in storage until your house is SOLD!

Why Because too many small items in a home will make a home look cluttered. A home with too many personalized items makes it harder for a potential buyer to visualize the house as “theirs”.

Most sellers don’t want to hear that. And that’s understandable given that many times their collectables are associated with fond memories and special times. That fact aside, the truth is … something that may give you or I the warm fuzzies is, more often than not, a distraction to a potential buyer. But if you expect to sell a house (and put money in your pocket), you have to prepare the house for the buyers. And that means you must depersonalize and declutter.

One way to do that is invoke “THE RULE OF HALF!”

This is a rule born of necessity as I tried to help a friend sell a home that was getting plenty of lookers, but no offers, no buyers. I knew the price was more than fair, but I also knew the house was, well … a clutter box. Her house was litterally overrun with little collectibles and personal photos.

I told her, to get her home sold, she would have to invoke The Rule of HALF! Yes, I made up that rule on the fly, but I did so because I knew to say anything different could have been taken as an insult (as most of the items were given to her by family and friends).

I knew she would have to pack up at least half of all her collectibles, photos and knick knacks (even better would have been to put away ALL, but I settled for half), and half of all her kitchen gadgets (to give the look and feel of more counter space), and half of everything in her closets (shoes, clothes, hats, boxes, etc).

This made a huge difference in the look and feel of the house. The following weekend she showed her house three times, and received an offer (which she accepted) the following Monday.

Remember that most people are moving because they want or need more space. Declutter and depersonalize your home to make it look and feel as spacious and comfortable as possible.

If you can’t bear to put away all your warm fuzzy items, then try this idea yourself … invoke The Rule of HALF. You’ll be glad you did when the offers start coming in!

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