Discover How to Use the Bidet

In your travels abroad, you may have encountered a porcelain wash basin sitting on the floor next to the toilet. It looks like something used to wash your hands with but hold on, there’s another sink for that. Is it a urinal or something What the heck is that thing

That fixture you see next to the toilet is called a bidet. And since it sounds like you’re seeing one for the first time, you’d probably appreciate a lesson on how to use a bidet. Rather than toilet paper, bidets use water to clean you after using the restroom. Those porcelain fixtures come from the original bidet first invented in the early 18th century. Such bidets are also known as basin-type bidets. Nowadays there’s also a more modern version, called the electronic bidet.

In this article we’ll explain how to use a bidet. And being that we mentioned a couple different types of bidets, we’ll show you how to use both

Basin-Type Bidets – Within this lineage of bidets, you’ll actually find two sub-types, and they are both used a little differently. The first type of bidet we’ll explain how to use is the “Classic” basin bidet. It looks similar to a faucet sink, but sits a lot lower to the floor. When you’re finished on the toilet, move over and sit on the bidet. Using the controls will be easier if you sit facing towards the wall. That being said, if you sit away from the wall you won’t have to remove your clothes. Turn the faucet on and water will start to come out. Use your hands, take some of the water and clean yourself.

The other bidet type in this family is called the “French” basin bidet. Similar to the Classic bidet, the French bidet is also made of porcelain and can be found next to the toilet. As mentioned, move to the bidet when you’re done with the toilet. Both bidet types work similarly. The difference in the French version, is that it has a spout at the bottom of the bidet that directs the water upwards as you sit over it. Using your hands is not necessary with the French bidet, since the water stream is pointed at your bottom for you. This is a key advantage over the former type.

Electronic Bidet Seats – The modern electronic bidet is operated through the use of its control panel (or remote control). By pressing a few buttons, all its functions can be activated. Another important difference, is that these bidets attach on top of your existing toilet. This means you won’t need to move to sit on another fixture, and it also means that it doesn’t take up valuable space in your bathroom.

To use the bidet, press “Wash” on the control panel. A wash nozzle will extend beneath you, spray your bottom, and retract back into the bidet when finished. Now that you’re done washing, activate the warm air dry by pressing the “Dry” button. It works a lot like the hand dryers frequently found in public bathrooms, but this air dry blows across your bottom to help with any residual water left after washing.

The electronic bidet also comes with a variety of personalization features to suit individual needs and preferences. For example, the position of the wash nozzle can be moved backward or forward to clean you in the right spot. Water temperature, water pressure, and the strength of the air dry can all be customized as well. The bidet has a warmed toilet seat (its temperature can also be adjusted), which means you no longer have to sit on a freezing seat in the mornings. Pressing a few buttons on the control panel is all that’s needed to make these adjustments.

We hope you enjoyed learning how to use a bidet. And now that you know how, go out and try one. People all over the world prefer the bidet over toilet paper. After you experience one, you’ll understand why.